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Vučić after the meeting with Söder: We proposed 7 important things PHOTO/VIDEO

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, spoke with Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Söder.

Izvor: Tanjug

Vučić after the meeting with Söder: We proposed 7 important things PHOTO/VIDEO


After the meeting, a ceremony was held to present the Order of the Republic of Serbia on a ribbon to the Prime Minister of Bavaria.

"Thank you for fulfilling what you said in Munich so quickly. I hope that you all feel at home in our country. We analyzed the relations between Bavaska and Serbia. Our side proposed seven important things," said Vučić.

"Back in 1970, we formed a mixed commission with Bavaria and we both agree that we should have a new session. I suggested Söder to help us in all forms of cooperation with the Technical University of Munich. That's where the best you have is," he added.

"We greatly appreciate the way Söder addresses Serbia and its citizens, to show respect and to show that he sees us as partners and friends. Thank you very much for your visit, dear friend, feel at home," concluded President Vučić.

"Thank you very much for the respect you have shown us and for the recognition you have given me today," Söder began his address.

"I did not come as a teacher and a judge, but to shape a common future. We are strongly in favor of Serbia's accession to the EU. It is very important that the EU is not a community where everyone speaks the same. We especially respect that in all discussions we have a stable democracy. We are strongly in favor of Serbia becoming a member of the EU, because we think that Europe needs Serbia," said Söder. He emphasized that it is extremely important to visit the strongest country in the Balkans, referring to Serbia.

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Questions of the journalists

"For us, it is the biggest insult if you say that we are not hospitable enough. For us, hospitality means respect, friendship. I met Söder and I heard a lot about him and I had the opportunity to talk longer now in Munich. Today I tried to I hear and learn from Markus Söder. I am interested in cooperation with people, and he is the man who represents the people of Bavaria in the best way. That was the reason why we showed such respect," answered Vučić when asked about Söder's exceptional welcome.

"We will always respect all norms of international law and clearly know who violated the UN Charter. We Serbs are experts in this. Everything is important to us and we do not have double standards. When Russia does something bad, we say it clearly. In this hysteria that it's been more than two years, we haven't heard such normal words as we heard from Söder and we will always know how to appreciate it," he added.

Vučić and Söder were asked if the world is on the brink of the Third World War.

"Russia has clearly shown that it is advancing and that it is not interested in peace negotiations, and that is why it is very important to support Ukraine. We would not send troops to Ukraine, but we will be happy to support financially and in the form of weapons. The goal is not to spread the war, but to achieve truce and to get the attacks to stop, but I don't think that's possible at the moment," Söder explained. and added that whenever Germany acted independently, it was not successful.

"We will have some changes in some of our doctrines in the coming period. There are two scenarios. Either the West will go in the direction of a complete conflict with Russia, or with the help of the USA and China, some kind of truce will be established, which would mean a huge relief for the world. If they enter into the conflict, I'm afraid nobody will gain anything from it. I'm not sure that this conflict wouldn't have more casualties than the Second World War which is unimaginable for the 21st century. We are small and insignificant in that sense, but in any case, it will affect Serbia. We must be ready for either solution and we will find out within 100 days," answered Vučić.


Söder's visit is very important for Serbia 

Vučić announced Söder's visit to Serbia in mid-February at the Munich Security Conference.

He then pointed out that Serbia has a trade exchange with Bavaria of more than one billion and 500 million euros, as well as that Bavaria makes up 20 percent of our total exchange with Germany.

The President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Čadež, said that the visit to Söder  is very important because Bavaria is a strategic economic and political partner of Serbia.

He pointed out that out of all 16 provinces in Germany, Serbia has the largest exchange of goods with Bavaria and added that some of the biggest investors here are from Bavaria, such as Siemens, Milbauer, Brose and others.

As he said, Serbia and Bavaria have a trade exchange worth around 1.5 billion euros, and Serbia's exports to Bavaria amount to 870.75 million euros.


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