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Serbs headed for the UN

Members of the "Hercegovac" association from Chicago are on their way to speak at the United Nations building for the second time in three weeks about the suffering of Serbian families in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 1990s.

Izvor: RTS

Serbs headed for the UN


They say that they celebrated the glory of Saint Basil of Ostrog while worrying about the proposed resolution on Srebrenica and headed for New York, RTS reported.

Dušan Magazin, the president of the association, together with other Serbs, spoke at the UN panel in New York about the suffering of his family in the early nineties in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Again, like most of the other participants of the panel and the Serbian community in the United States, they will travel to New York to speak at the UN building, on the occasion of the sessions of the United Nations General Assembly where the resolution on Srebrenica will be considered.

He says that the first processing was very emotional and that they were glad to be able to point out to the UN the suffering they experienced and the victims who they try to minimize.

"They want to make criminals of us who have survived the suffering, the loss of family, the camps and everything - the worst thing for our people, everything they insist on, to be marked as such as a nation", according to the Magazin. They expect to meet with the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić at the UN.


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