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Vučić in crowded Spens: This team is like Real Madrid compared to others; I want you to fight for people

The election list "Aleksandar Vučić - Novi Sad tomorrow" is holding a pre-election rally in Spens, starting at 1 p.m.

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Vučić in crowded Spens: This team is like Real Madrid compared to others; I want you to fight for people
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Vučić: I am proud of what we did; I am asking you for a convincing victory

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, was greeted with applause, and at the beginning of his speech he said that he thinks the elections on June 2 are of great importance.

"I am proud of all that we have done, that we have shown that even when we do not agree on all issues, we can work together when it comes to the interests of our country," he said.

He welcomed the coalition partners and emphasized that the parties are no longer important, but only the defense of Serbia's interests is important.

"We are preparing to host Expo 2027. It is a question of whether we will have the best high-speed road, whether we will also build the Belgrade-Zrenjanin highway, we also want to build a full profile highway from Niš via Prokuplje. Just 10 years ago, 482 euros was the average salary in Novi Sad, and now it is over 900 euros. For that, we need to put in a lot of effort and work together with local governments," said Vučić.

"In the previous 10 years, we brought 10 factories and scientific research centers to Novi Sad. We will accept the poor election result, but remember that there is a single factory in Novi Sad that they didn't destroy... They destroyed everything. Only if they could, they will lock up the factories and we must not let them deceive you. They are not capable of showing any plan and program. That is their plan and program - we want bridges, we want three more bridges in Novi Sad. Whatever we start to do, they say we won't let them build it," said the Serbian president.

"This team is like Real Madrid compared to all the others competing and I am proud of you, my dear friends. It used to be a saying that everyone plays football and at the end the Germans win. Now we will take on the role of Real Madrid and beat them in every game. And so every year someone thinks it's time to throw Real Madrid out, and the people who care about them want to win. I want you to fight for them, I want you to solve their problems, even when you can't," he said. 

"In all municipalities, I am asking for victory from you because that is the best indicator that these people will have a good future. To win, to work hard, to fight and to defeat them in the most convincing way," said Vučić.

"On Friday, I will also return to New York, and after that I will be with our Bosniak brothers to talk and build a common future. Until then - we are not afraid of anyone because freedom-loving Serbia has nothing to fear. Long live Serbia, Novi Sad - until the final victory," Vučić concluded.

Rally of electoral list "Aleksandar Vučić - Novi Sad tomorrow"

An hour before the start of the rally, Spens Hall was filled to capacity.

The atmosphere is at a high level, the whole hall is chanting: "Serbia, Serbia" and "Victory".


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