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Brnabic calls local elections for June 2 PHOTO/VIDEO

Parliament Speaker of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, called local elections for councilors of city assemblies and municipal assemblies in the Republic of Serbia.

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Brnabic calls local elections for June 2 PHOTO/VIDEO


Predsednica parlamenta odluku o raspisivanju izbora potpisala je u Domu Narodne skupštine.

“After parliament adopted amendments to the law on local elections and as the result of successful negotiations, the conditions have been met to call elections in 66 cities and municipalities across Serbia,” she told reporters after signing the decision to call elections.

Brnabic expressed satisfaction that the ruling coalition and opposition were able to reach an agreement despite all differences and called all political players to make sure that politics are not something that divides people and that the political system should develop in a democratic direction.

''The elections will be held on the same day as the elections for councilors in Belgrade, on the second of June this year. From the Parliament, we sent a message to the citizens that, as elected presidents, we are capable of debating and reaching an agreement. Such an agreement is a victory for all responsible people. I call on all political actors to take care that politics should not and must not be a tool that divides people and that it is our common obligation to develop our political system in a democratic direction," said Brnabić.

She wished everyone a successful election.

"As the president of the National Assembly of Serbia, I will continue to insist that this highest representative body respects and promotes such values. I wish everyone successful elections, thank you, long live Serbia," she said at the end of her speech.

On April 23, members of the Serbian Parliament adopted amendments to the law on local elections, which moved the deadlines for announcing elections, which was one of the demands of the opposition in the dialogue on improving election conditions, which was conducted from April 1 at the initiative of Brnabić.

In this way, the conditions were created for the Belgrade and local elections to be combined and to be held on June 2.


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