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Brnabić: Difficult days are ahead, we are in the middle of a storm; We need internal stability and dialogue

Speaker of the National Assembly, Ana Brnabić, said today that Serbia has been in constant elections since October 2023.

Izvor: Tanjug, Novosti

Brnabić: Difficult days are ahead, we are in the middle of a storm; We need internal stability and dialogue


Brnabić told TV Pink that the opposition's first request last year was to hold extraordinary parliamentary and Belgrade elections by the end of the year. She added that at that time the opposition said that if there were no elections, they would block the work of the National Assembly and call on citizens to the process of disobedience.

She estimated that the opposition did this in the hope that they would take advantage of the May tragedies and that they would succeed in winning those elections on the wave of emotional dissatisfaction.

"The president then said that we should show tolerance and democracy and that it is always okay to ask the people what they think and whether or not the government has lost credibility, he accepted the request and announced elections for December 2023," said Brnabić.

She added that since then we have been in constant, as she called it, election magic.

"At this moment, it is in the national interest to reduce tensions. For the sake of the seriousness and responsibility of the citizens, you listen to their requests. I have to thank everyone again for being fair, because we managed to establish a dialogue, those meetings are difficult, but productive. We managed to show that we are grown-up, serious, responsible people. This amendment to the law on local elections shows that," added the speaker of the parliament.

"Difficult days are ahead of us, we are in the middle of a storm, where different winds are blowing towards us from all sides. It is the responsibility of all of us to try to have internal stability and dialogue," she said.

She stated that the situation in the world is getting complicated and that new hotspots are constantly appearing, as well as that the economic situation in Europe is very bad, which is why the European continent is becoming less and less competitive globally.

Brnabić stressed that in such circumstances, Serbia is fighting well and making economic progress, which was also confirmed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

"Finance Minister Siniša Mali had a very successful visit to Washington, and the director of the IMF told him that Serbia is a bright spot in the economic sense on the European continent," emphasized Brnabić.

She assessed that this shows that we managed to move forward, to fight and to preserve stability and to continue fulfilling everything promised, such as the "Serbia 2027 - Leap into the Future" plan.


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