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Urgent order: The entire settlement in Nis is being evacuated due to a bomb

The headquarters for emergency situations issued an order to evacuate part of the Nis settlement Stevan Sindjelić due to the removal of a bomb that was found at the construction site of the new part of the Science and Technology Park in Nis.

Izvor: TV Zona Plus, B92.net

Urgent order: The entire settlement in Nis is being evacuated due to a bomb


"The evacuation of the population will begin on Sunday morning at 6 a.m. and will last until 7 a.m. on Sunday. The Stevan Sinđelić settlement should be empty, without people, without parked cars. We have provided two large parking spaces where people from the settlement can park their vehicles." said the mayor of Niš, commander of the Staff for Emergency Situations Dragana Sotirovski in the special show Zone plus.

Special teams of deminers will be at the location on Sunday and they will remove the bomb from the 1999 NATO bombing that weighs, believe it or not, a thousand kilograms, Sotirovski said.

"Today, people will visit the settlement, teams from the Health Center, emergency services, and the Red Cross City Municipality will visit the Stevan Sindjelić settlement and talk to people, give them the latest information and instructions, and the order issued by the Headquarters and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia will be displayed on all buildings in the settlement Stevan Sindjelić and on the website of the city of Nis," said Sotirovski.

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