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Brnabić: We are sorry, we did not reach an agreement. I'm calling the elections

At today's last meeting of the Collegium in the Serbian Parliament, no agreement was reached between the representatives of the government and the opposition, said Speaker of Parliament, Ana Brnabić.

Izvor: Tanjug, B92.net

Brnabić: We are sorry, we did not reach an agreement. I'm calling the elections


After the Collegium meeting, Brnabić stated that she was extremely sorry that they did not reach an agreement with the opposition at the Collegium, which discussed the implementation of the ODIHR recommendations and the electoral conditions for the upcoming Belgrade and local elections, but that the opposition did not even want to consider the alternative proposals that it presented.

"The representatives of the opposition gathered around the 'Serbia against violence' coalition did not want to consider an alternative proposal. I did not come to say 'no', but since Monday I have been thinking about what I could offer them to meet them in order to reach a compromise. Compromise is the key word," said Brnabić at a press conference in the hall of the Serbian Parliament.

She added that the opposition, unfortunately, repeated its ultimatum.

"I don't think it's good, especially in politics, to talk in the language of ultimatums, and I hope they will reconsider what we offered them," added Brnabić.

She said that she was particularly concerned that SPN representatives refused to explicitly work together on further implementation of the ODIHR recommendations.

"My door remains open and that's how I concluded today's meeting," said Brnabić.

She also pointed out that she is announcing the Belgrade elections today and that the deadline for that expires at midnight.

Let us remind you that the work of the Collegium, which was attended by the Speaker of the Parliament Ana Brnabić and the heads of parliamentary groups in the Parliament, was completed today in the Serbian Parliament.


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