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Vojin Mijatović announced: My brother was killed yesterday in Belgrade

Vojin Mijatović, Vice President of the FBiH Government, announced the murder of his younger brother Djordje, who tragically died in Belgrade.


Vojin Mijatović announced: My brother was killed yesterday in Belgrade


"Travel, my brother, to a more beautiful place. My younger brother was killed yesterday in Belgrade. Everything you would say now makes no sense, because what happened certainly makes no sense. And this is unfortunately an integral part of the game called life. My good people, thank you to everyone who is responding, take care of yourself and the people around you," wrote Mijatović in a post on social networks, Srpska info reports.

Male Dj.M. (37) died in the Emergency Center after a conflict on the playground over a ball.

Higher Public Prosecutor's Office ordered an autopsy on his body to determine the exact cause of death. According to initial information, it is suspected that the man was brutally beaten in a park in Voždovac.

"The facts of how the death occurred are being established. An autopsy must be performed. Last night around 18-19 hours, the police received a call that there had been a fight, and they went to that address in the municipality of Voždovac, where they found the injured," Minister of Internal Affairs Ivica Dačić said. 

The conflict occurred, as the minister said, and according to the wife of the deceased, after their children complained that the two who beat the deceased man did not want to return the ball to the children.

"The father came out, there was some commotion and when the woman came out she found out that he had a conflict with two young men. He was taken to the Emergency Center where he died. The cause of death is being determined," said Dacic.

According to him, it is certainly not murder, but it is determined whether the man died as a result of the conflict.

"Doctors say that there were some health problems, an epileptic attack or maybe a heart attack, but that is now a question. The biggest problem is that there are no cameras and that there are no witnesses to determine exactly what happened," said Dacic for "Blic" TV.

He also emphasized that the case will certainly not remain unsolved, as well as that the police are looking for participants in the conflict.

As "Blic" confirmed, Dj. M. is the brother of the Vice President of the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina. About the death of Dj. M. and the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade issued a statement.


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