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The commander of the assault brigade acknowledged: Chaos awaits us

Ukrainian troops will face serious difficulties this summer, due to the rapid advance of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, wrote Deputy Commander of the 3rd Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Army Maxim Zhorin on his Telegram channel.

Izvor: RT, Novosti, B92

The commander of the assault brigade acknowledged: Chaos awaits us
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"It definitely won't get any easier in the future, on the contrary, we have a tough summer ahead of us with tough battles," he said.

Zhorin believes that the Russian army does not have the task of capturing Kharkiv, and that at the same time, the Ukrainian forces will be in a situation in which resources may be deployed on a large part of the front and the resulting weakening of forces in other parts of the battlefield.

"There will be increased pressure," he concludes. As a reminder, on May 10, units of the operational-tactical group "North" of the RF Armed Forces launched offensive operations in the northern part of the Kharkiv region and for a short period managed to capture a large number of villages and penetrate deep into the territory under Ukrainian control.

Russian president himself, however, said that the goal of the Russian forces is not to conquer Kharkiv, while reports from the field say that the Russians are advancing unstoppably towards the second largest city in Ukraine.


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