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Vučić: "We will oppose more strongly than they think. We are fighting for the truth"

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, addressed the public and pointed out that across from us we have the most powerful countries of the West and that it's important for the people of Serbia to fight.

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Vučić: "We will oppose more strongly than they think. We are fighting for the truth"


"For the people of Serbia, it is of crucial importance to do what we can, to fight, we have the most powerful countries of the West across from us. There is nothing to hide here. All of them are sponsors of that resolution, 17 countries with the exception of Chile and New Zealand, and the main ones are Germany and Rwanda. We received their official position that they will fight and lobby for the Resolution. I told them that I did not expect otherwise, because on the other side they have a hero and that we also think that we are fighting... By hero I meant our country," said Vučić.

"They will lobby and fight for that resolution, and we will also fight. We will oppose it more strongly than they think," said Vučić.

President of Serbia stated that their explanations are ridiculous, alluding to the fact that he was told many times that until the CSM is formed, he does not have to do anything, but that was apparently forgotten.

"We have sent many letters, we will continue to work. They are calling me from all over to try to convince me of something. They want to talk about compromise solutions. There is no compromise. They say that it is not written in the Resolution that it has anything to do with Serbia and the Serbian people... All those tricks that children use... Well, do it, but you will have to face the consequences," said Vučić.

"How are you going to explain that it's not a genocide against Armenia. Since I realized that NATO countries can't beat us in anything at the UN.

"A small libertarian country protects its integrity. Don't forget that we spoke openly about crimes in Srebrenica as well, when one of them spoke about crimes against Serbs," said Vučić.

Vučić states that they do not know, and that Serbs are only allowed to enter Jasenovac during its working hours.

"We saw what was happening. The whole of Europe was liberated, only Jasenovac was not. Then the Serbian officials could go there, but not now. We are fighting for the truth and we will do something to them that they did not expect from Little Serbia, and they will see that. I am proud of it, and one vote to let you know you are not alone in the world," he said.

Vučić mentioned that he cannot call friends those who dismember our territory.

"Now we will have the opportunity to differentiate between partners and friends," said the Serbian President.

President of Serbia announced that he will go to New York in the coming period, and today to Mostar.

"If you think it's not all about the so-called Kosovo, just look at all the newspapers in the region today. Have you noticed something strange? The bottom line is that the same articles about the explosions appeared everywhere. It's the same organization, similar owners but dominant influence. It's about how 'Serbia is breaking the rules by acquiring rifles'... It should be said that not a single such text came out when Croatia acquired a few pieces of rifles. No one said that it was a violation of stability and something bad. "Serbia, as the only neutral country, wants to show that it is tough and that we have not attacked anyone, but they don't really care. The less truth, the more platitudes and attacks," said Vučić.

Vučić stated that he did not receive an explanation as to why everything is being rushed and, for example, not waiting for the 30th anniversary, and that their only trump cards are that Sešelj's protegee and that he was carrying a sniper.

"You have been lying for 12, 13 years and you don't care that you are lying, you will continue, because the lie has become an integral part of everything you represent," said Vučić.

Vučić stated that going to Mostar represents a visit to a partner country, on the occasion of the establishment of a new flight.

Vučić stated that our tricolor will become a symbol of resistance in the world.

"It's the main topic everywhere except for them. Vučić is a murderer, a lunatic, a runaway, a fag all by himself... I just didn't hear what they thought about Srebrenica. They have a policy towards the people of 'keep quiet, so they don't hear that we're in favor', and in front of foreigners they are "Oh, it is terrible"... That's why people don't want them, because they don't want those who are silent. I'm glad that other people will fight regardless of the price they will pay.

"The tricolor will become a symbol of resistance in the world. Of course we will lose, but the strength of our resistance will be so great that both the powerful and the resisters will be surprised," said Vučić.

"They want to show that Serbia is a rag that they can trample on, but we will show that we are not a rag. It is a country of people who protect their ancestors, flag and name and surname, but we are also a country that looks to the future," said Vučić.

Vučić also spoke about the events in the Middle East.

"The whole planet is already on fire. I don't see a solution in the long term, there are numerous violations of international acts, only some were precise while violating the UN charter... Small countries like ours have to adhere to international law, and the big ones will fight, they will fight getting stronger, and it will get worse. In the coming months, I expect it to be the most difficult situation in the world since the Second World War until today," said President of Serbia.


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