Elderly Serb man attacked in Kosovo

Kosovo police regional spokesman Ismet Hashani has said that an elderly Serb was attacked in the village of Pasjane in the Gnjilane municipality.

Source: Tanjug

Hashani told Tanjug that Stanko Trajković was attacked by unidentified underage persons.

Trajković, who is about 80 years old, was attacked in his field which is located near the ethnic Albanian-populated village of Vlaštica.

The villages are located south of the Ibar River, where Serbs live in isolated enclaves.

Tanjug has learnt that Trajković suffered head injuries in the attack and that he was treated in an infirmary in the village of Šilovo.

Around 1,600 Serbs live in the village of Pasjane.

This is the second serious incident that has recently happened in Kosovo. An attempted murder of returnee Veljko Komatović in the village of Žač happened on Tuesday night.

Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo has requested from the international community, KFOR, EULEX and UNMIK to stop the persecution of the returnees in Kosovo and requested that “the investigation be carried out, those responsible be punished that their names be given to the public”.


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