Tadić demands appeal against Haradinaj verdict

BELGRADE -- President Boris Tadić wants the Hague Prosecution to appeal against the acquittal of Ramush Haradinaj.

Boris Tadić (FoNet, archive)
Boris Tadić (FoNet, archive)

Tadić called the verdict scandalous and wrong.

“Haradinaj committed some grave crimes, and this verdict is disgraceful because of the innocent victims, and that’s why I want the Prosecution to appeal, and Haradinaj to be punished for the crimes he committed,” said the president. He said that the state wished to help the Tribunal to collect evidence “because Haradinaj’s place is in prison.”

He said that former Hague Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte had said that witnesses in the case against Haradinaj had been intimidated and even murdered to prevent them testifying to his crimes.

“All criminals belong in the Hague, and that’s the only way justice will be served, so that we can finally draw a line under the issue of war crimes committed on the territory of the former Yugoslavia,” Tadić insisted.