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Miroslav Aleksić again before the court

The trial of Miroslav Mika Aleksić, accused of rape and illicit sexual acts against girls who attended acting classes, should continue today before the High Court in Belgrade.


Miroslav Aleksić again before the court
Antonio Ahel/ATAImages


President of the High Court in Belgrade, Dragan Milošević, previously stated in an interview for "Blic" that out of a total of 23 main hearings in the case against Aleksić, 15 were held and 8 were postponed or canceled.

According to the indictment, Aleksić committed four criminal acts of rape, two of which were aggravated, as well as five criminal acts of sexual harassment.

He denied the acts he was accused of, and in his presentations he compared the testimonies of the victims to the series "Sex and the City" and to Mexican soap operas.

Aleksić was arrested in January 2021, and in September his detention was replaced by house arrest with electronic monitoring, which was abolished in March 2023.


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