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The resolution on Srebrenica could be in the UN this week; Serbia continues the fight

After two postponements, the resolution on Srebrenica could be in the United Nations this week.

Izvor: Novosti

The resolution on Srebrenica could be in the UN this week; Serbia continues the fight


Until the declaration of the delegates, Belgrade will continue its diplomatic struggle, says President Aleksandar Vučić and announces his departure to New York.

Even before the vote, some countries expressed their views, and among those that stirred the public the most was Montenegro's decision to support the Resolution, writes RTS.

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia and Slovenia are neighboring countries that are co-sponsors of the resolution on the alleged genocide in Srebrenica. Montenegro is not among them.

However, in the past few days, a clear position has come from the office of the Prime Minister. They will vote in favor of the Resolution.

Two amendments - what was proposed by the Government of Montenegro

Namely, they go one step further. The government in Podgorica adopted two amendments to the text of the resolution at the electronic meeting.

The Government of Montenegro announced that a conciliatory and friendly attitude should be adopted, by supplementing the text of the proposed resolution to remove all doubts about the possibility of its alleged abuse.

"It is recommended that the text of the proposed resolution contain two adequately defined and positioned amendment formulations, which will unequivocally confirm that the guilt for the crime of genocide is individual, and that it cannot be attributed to any nation, ethnic or religious group. It is advisable to point out the necessity of preserving provisions of the general framework agreement for peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina," the announcement states.

Pressure on Spajić to give up

The reactions do not subside.

After the announcement that Montenegro will support the resolution, Serbian parties ask for a resolution on the genocide in Jasenovac.

President of the Assembly and the leader of the New Serbian Democracy Andrija Mandić has a clear message. They are putting pressure on Milojko Spajić so that the Government abandons the announced decision.

"We are not tied to any armchairs, we are not tied to anything, although there are various dirty campaigns and from those who could least expect it. We will do everything in our power, together with our church, together with our brothers , united as Serbian politicians and the Serbian people to stop this prime minister in one bad and dangerous intention, but we just won't allow, I say, that's the red line, that the one who oppressed us, the one who humiliated us, to take over the country," says Mandić.

The latest events in neighboring Montenegro, analysts say, reflect the internal political situation.

Banjaluka: Resolution brings division

Banjaluka's standpoint is clear - the resolution brings division.

Milorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska says that the resolution is a political document, although they keep talking about individual guilt.

- The General Assembly is a political body and it can only make a political decision - points out Dodik.

Resolutions of the UN General Assembly are not binding, but they carry political weight.


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