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Vučić from New York: "The pressure on small countries is getting stronger; Serbia managed to put a fight"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the public from New York.

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Vučić from New York: "The pressure on small countries is getting stronger; Serbia managed to put a fight"
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Vučić stated that the pressure on small countries to vote for the Resolution on Srebrenica is becoming increasingly noticeable and stronger.

"However, we are a small country and it is not easy for us to stand up to that, but I think that we did a great job for our country in the UN, we fought for our people," said Vučić.

President of Serbia added that many spoke about the need to consider further harmonization of positions, to work on consultations in the future, but that does not depend on them or us, but on the submitter of the Resolution.

"After yesterday's meetings with the representatives of the countries of the African and South American and Caribbean groups in the UN, today I informed the countries of the Asia-Pacific group about our fight for truth, law and justice and for the preservation of the libertarian and proud spirit of the Serbian people. I warned of the consequences and the irreparable damage that the adoption of the resolution on Srebrenica can have on the stability and future of the Western Balkans, respect for international public law, but also on the credibility of the UN itself, as a guarantor of peace and legal order in the world," said Vučić.

He reminded that when Pristina abolishes the dinar, then Lajcak says that "neither side is ready to accept a compromise".

"We will continue our fight in a difficult day. We are too small for the most powerful Western powers, but you cannot always win the truth by force. It still means something to us," added Vučić.

Vučić pointed out that Slovenia leads a disgusting policy towards Serbia and the Serbian people.

"I took the fact that I should not come to Slovenia so often as a threat and I will reduce my visits to my friends and family, but if I offended anyone, I want to apologize to the entire public and the people of Slovenia, but not to the politicians from Slovenia. It's terrible that they are sponsoring the resolution on Srebrenica, that they are threatening our territorial integrity? I will call their president to Belgrade and Serbia if I need to apologize once again and say that I was not thinking about the Slovenes and their people," said Vučić.

President of Serbia stated that he also had a bilateral meeting with the representatives of Brazil.

"Now we have meetings with Guterres, with Dennis Francis, he is the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, with the special adviser on the issue of genocide of the United Nations, with the representatives of Mexico on a bilateral meeting. We have dinner with five or six European countries today, which at least we can ask them not to be against us like most others," said Vučić and added that the fact that something is an impossible mission and that something seems impossible to us does not mean that you must not fight.

"Because what you protect and defend and what you swore to your people and your citizens is sacred to you, and the most important thing in life for you, and not fear before the force and power of those who are much bigger and stronger. I have to tell you that in all groups there is a huge, huge reservation towards the procedure and the process as defined by some and many of our friends from Islamic countries, even when they vote for, they are not happy because they know that they are hurting a friend and I just want to tell you that I think we have done a lot in this regard and have additionally raised the reputation of Serbia," Vučić said, adding that many countries will abstain from voting on the resolution on Srebrenica.

Vučić states that one representative said that it is unbelievable that such a small Serbia managed to stand up in such a way, that everyone in the UN only talks about it, and that on the other hand, all the most powerful and biggest powers in the world are on the other side.


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