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What's happening to our children? Is it possible for third graders to mistreat their classmates in such a way?

Students of the third grade of an elementary school in New Belgrade stole a sweatshirt from a classmate, urinated on it, stepped on it, rolled it in the mud and finally returned it to him with insults, the media reports.

Izvor: Kurir, Blic

What's happening to our children? Is it possible for third graders to mistreat their classmates in such a way?


To make matters worse, the nine-year-olds, who were humiliated in this way, ended up pelting the other with an egg, and this cruel peer violence horrified the public, Kurir and Blic stated. The public learned about this disturbing incident after the father of the boy who was bullied by his peers told about it on the "X" social network. "On Friday, a team of several of them from the class stole the middle son's sweatshirt, rolled it in mud, stepped on it and peed on it, hid it. On Saturday, at the child's birthday, the class told him what they had done (he thought he had forgotten sweatshirt somewhere outside). Today they returned his sweatshirt soaked in urine with additional insults and bullying. The boy's father wrote and added that they wanted to throw the sweatshirt at the boy after this. "Dealing with this situation, I just found out that today they tried to cover him with this sweat soaked sweatshirt, so when they didn't succeed, they went to a nearby store, bought an egg and threw that egg at him. They hit him. I also found out that the organized bullying is already going on a month," added the father on his profile. This announcement caused turbulent reactions from citizens who were shocked by the cruelty of such young children. "I hope you reported it to the school and the police," said one, to which the father replied: "Of course I did." "Those kids are ready for anything. What amount of anger is in them. Don't give up. I hope the child is okay," added another fellow citizen. "Thank you, he's okay for now," replied the father.

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