Crime and Secret – The Bytyqi case

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The documentary film represents the results of two years of research, with hard-to-find interviewees, and aims to break through the wall of silence surrounding the Bytyqi case, the murders of American citizens of Albanian descent in Petrovo Selo in July 1999. The bodies of Agron, Iljij and Mehmet Bytyqi were found in 2001 in a mass grave in Petrovo Selo, near Kladovo, along with the bodies of 77 murdered Albanian civilians from Kosovo.

Ten days after the showing of this documentary, the War Crimes Prosecution submitted a demand for an investigation for two persons suspect of the war crimes, who were taken into custody.

Creator: Jasna Janković
Director: Nikola Momčilović
Running time: 27 min
Format: DVCAM
Year of production: 2006.