Bus with Serbian children had an accident on Trakia highway in Bulgaria VIDEO / PHOTO

A bus with 48 Serbian citizens had a traffic accident in Bulgaria, on the Trakia highway, Euronews Bulgaria reported.

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Sunday, 14.08.2022.


Bus with Serbian children had an accident on Trakia highway in Bulgaria VIDEO / PHOTO

Bus with Serbian children had an accident on Trakia highway in Bulgaria VIDEO / PHOTO

There were 38 children, 10 adults and the driver in the bus that had an accident.

According to the Bulgarian Ministry of Health, there were no fatalities, and 12 people were injured - eight children and four adults. The Ministry also announced that one child and one adult were seriously injured in the accident. All injured passengers were transported to the hospital in Stara Zagora, which is the closest to the accident site.

According to the Bulgarian media, the passengers managed to get out of the overturned vehicle through the windows, which they had to break. The severely injured man whose leg will most likely be amputated is a bus driver, reports bg-voice.com.

Previously, Professor Jovco Jovcev, director of the hospital in Stara Zagora where the injured were taken, said that one man was seriously injured and that his leg will most likely be amputated. According to unofficial information, the Bulgarian police performed a breathalyzer test on the bus driver at the scene of the accident, which did not show the presence of alcohol.

The children traveled from Nessebar. They are part of the folklore ensemble JU-LIRA. Most are from Batajnica, the portal states.

Two ambulances, a fire department and several police vehicles arrived at the scene. All passengers are citizens of Serbia. The accident happened 216 kilometers in the direction of Sofia, near Stara Zagora.

The bus has Sabac license plates. The bus overturned on its side in a ditch.

According to the portal Novini.bg, adults and children from Serbia traveled by bus. The children were returning from their vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, said Stanimir Stanev, Deputy Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as reported by Nova TV.

Stanev stated that he cannot yet comment on the causes of the accident, but it is certain that the pavement was wet.
According to eyewitnesses, the bus suddenly turned to the right and landed in a ditch.

No other vehicle was involved in the accident.

Police officers who arrived at the scene tested the bus driver with a breathalyzer and their reaction did not show that he was drunk, eyewitnesses said.

People with private cars stopped on the highway and provided first aid to the victims. Ambulance vehicles, five teams from the Fire Department and five teams from the Bulgarian Ministry of Internal Affairs arrived at the scene.

Many cars stopped, and dozens of people came to help the injured.

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