Crisis Staff member: COVID passes will not help us, we will all get infected

Provincial Secretary of Health Zoran Gojković stated today that COVID pass will not solve the problem of the growing number of infected people in Serbia.

Izvor: Tanjug

Wednesday, 29.09.2021.


Crisis Staff member: COVID passes will not help us, we will all get infected
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Crisis Staff member: COVID passes will not help us, we will all get infected

He added that they can only serve as a measure by which someone will be forced to be vaccinated.

Gojković said for TV K1 that the Crisis Staff is currently considering whether to introduce a COVID pass and that they are considering experiences abroad, which show that the number of vaccinated has slightly increased.

"COVID passes will not solve the problem of growing number of infected people, and the key question is whether you will force people to get vaccinated with COVID passes. France introduced it, but the number of vaccinated people has slightly increased," said Gojković.

As he stated, for him personally, COVID passes are not a good measure because, as he explains, when someone is forced to do something, especially Serbs, they will not want to do it out of spite. When asked why the Crisis Staff does not meet as often as before and whether there are any disagreements among the members, Gojković said that they meet on a daily basis, and not only in the presence of media, and that there are no problems.

"The biggest problem of the Crisis Staff is not so much related to the number of infected people. In the strategy of pandemic fight, the most important thing for us is to preserve the health system and to provide real medical care to everyone who gets sick," he said.

Stating that both vaccinated and unvaccinated must be treated, Gojković points out that about 75 percent of those hospitalized are unvaccinated, and that less than 10 percent of those who are vaccinated are in intensive care, where patients with the most severe clinical pictures are.

When asked if someone who was vaccinated passed away, Gojković said that there were such cases, but that the percentage is measured in per mille in relation to all the dead.

When it comes to the current epidemiological situation in our country, Gojković says that we are in a wave of epidemics that has been going on for several weeks.

"We have stopped the exponential growth of the infected, now it is somewhere around seven, eight thousand, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the number of newly infected will be less or the same," he stated.

He points out that one cannot expect an increase in the number of newly infected, except for some large infection of several thousand people in the same factory, which, he adds, is unlikely to occur. Gojković again appealed to the citizens to get vaccinated and pointed out that the coronavirus is one of the infectious diseases, and that it is best treated with prevention, which is a vaccine. He pointed out that everyone must understand that we will have to live with coronavirus, although not to this extent, and that everyone will be infected.

"As soon as you come in contact with the virus, you are infected, and whether it will develop into a disease is a question of what your body's immune response will be. You will be positive if the disease has developed," says Gojkovic. He points out that the key is in the fact that when someone is vaccinated, the immune system will overcome the virus in the initial stage.

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