The largest COVID hospital opened; "Even today, it puzzles me how Vučić knew"

The largest COVID hospital opened in Batajnica. The Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and the Minister of Health were present at the opening.

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Friday, 04.12.2020.


The largest COVID hospital opened;
Tanjug/Zoran Žestiæ

The largest COVID hospital opened; "Even today, it puzzles me how Vučić knew"

The director of that hospital, Tatjana Adžić Vukičević, stated that she has a great honor to be the head of the largest COVID hospital. She also said that the first patients arrive in the afternoon. According to her, she and her team will do their best to defeat the coronavirus epidemic.

Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar said that he was proud that Serbia got a hospital like this, when much richer countries than ours send patients to other countries.

"Even today, it is not clear to me that in the middle of the summer, when we relaxed and thought that everything would pass, the President of Serbia made the decision to build two large hospitals. We watched him in confusion, and he said it had to be built", Loncar said.

"Today, it turned out that this decision was of inestimable importance. We will have 250 places on the respirator in this hospital alone. Imagine the relief to the rest of the system," he said. According to him, Serbia has the best results when it comes to combating coronavirus, and the quality of treatment is the same in all cities.

"We have to get over the fact that the number of infected is growing now, we have never needed unity more than now. Health workers have shown that they can cope with that pressure and fight, and we will continue to fight," Minister Loncar said.

"This really is a spaceship. I guarantee we'll win"

"A historic day, in every sense. We've done in four months what we haven't done in 40 years. We've opened a huge and beautiful hospital, and now I'm thinking about what Dr Tatjana Adzic Vukicevic said about running this spaceship. This hospital is really a spaceship and we are getting it at the most important moment, with almost 8.000 patients, 800 hospitalized and when our system has been overbooked for the ninth month," the Prime Minister of Serbia said.

According to her, our health care system will come out of this stronger, with two huge hospitals, with new knowledge, new people because we have been accepting new young people for specializations throughout the year. We will come out with new laboratories, she added.

"I guarantee all the citizens of Serbia that we will win and that we will not give up in this fight. Every day is difficult for itself, but we continue to work and open another COVID hospital in Krusevac on December 15", Brnabic said.

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