Brnabić: The opposition opposes as Vučić implements what we've been waiting for years

Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, pointed out that the draft Law on the Management of State-Owned Enterprises is extremely good for everyone.

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Tuesday, 25.07.2023.


Brnabić: The opposition opposes as Vučić implements what we've been waiting for years

Brnabić: The opposition opposes as Vučić implements what we've been waiting for years

She added that the opposition is against this law only because it was brought by Aleksandar Vučić and the Serbian Progressive Party.

She was hosted on the morning program on Happy television and emphasized that she believed that there was a consensus in society about the poor functioning of public companies and that everyone would support the draft law that would bring order not only to public companies, but to all companies whose ownership is owned by the state.

"It is important for me to say that this is not only about the Law on Public Enterprises. It is about the draft Law on the management of companies that are majority-owned by the Republic of Serbia. So, all companies where Serbia has more than 50% ownership. There are also public companies, but not only them. Until now, two laws have regulated this area - the first is the Law on Public Companies, and the second is the Law on Limited Companies, which regulates all companies, regardless of the state's share of ownership. Now we are combining those two laws in order to create a whole system more efficient and transparent. It is unreal that someone is against it and finds reasons for such an attitude that are either the result of ignorance or malice," said the Prime Minister.

She underlined that the first priority of this law is the preservation of national and strategic interests, which she emphasized several times at yesterday's meeting with economic journalists, which she held in order to publicly and transparently answer all doubts that appeared in the public.

"Yesterday, I did not hear a single question about the privatization of forests and water. No one asked me yesterday why you are privatizing our forests, because everyone really knows that this is complete nonsense. So, these are simple manipulations that served to cause panic among citizens. In July, I asked all economic journalists five times whether we have now finally removed all dilemmas, whether it is now clear to everyone that it is impossible to privatize forests and water sources with this law, everyone said that it is. So, let's see when this law reaches the assembly again, I hope we will move away from that narrative," said the Prime Minister. Brnabić also touched on the phenomenon that, according to her, proves that the opposition is always initially against everything that is the idea of Aleksandar Vučić or the Serbian Progressive Party, regardless of how good it is for the citizens.

"It doesn't matter that something is good or that something is needed, if it is implemented or introduced in Serbia by Aleksandar Vučić and the Serbian Progressive Party, they are against it. Well, it was the same with the change of the constitution, remember. When we were in favor of a more independent judiciary, when professional associations, such as the Association of Judges or the Association of Prosecutors, were in favor of changes, the opposition was against it. And then those associations said that they could not believe that they had experienced that the government wanted to depoliticize the judiciary, and the opposition was against it. This is also the situation with the public companies now. We have been hearing for decades that public companies are the prey of the party, that they need to be more professional, better managed, that reform is an urgent need. And we will start changes and professionalization, you have the opposition and a part of the media that attack it with all their might and fight against it," says the prime minister.

She reminds the public once again that, in accordance with other laws, it is not possible to privatize national parks or water sources, and that it has never occurred to anyone.

"It is impossible to sell National Parks or water sources, and this is prescribed by the Law on Public Property, precisely in Article 42. They must be in public property. And now I ask, what is more terrible, that someone who is a member of parliament, someone who was a presidential candidate, such as Biljana Stojković, does not know the subject matter or that she knows but openly lies to the citizens of Serbia? That is my question. And if we remember the reforms of the former government and today's opposition, when 900 judges lost their jobs overnight, and the citizens of Serbia paid 400 million euros for it, it was probably a great reform for the media, which today attacks the draft law concerning public companies," Brnabić asked.

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