U.S. Senators: We are stunned, Belgrade and Pristina...

In a letter to US President Joseph Biden, a group of American senators expressed concern about the worsening situation in the north of Kosovo and Metohija.

Izvor: Tanjug

Tuesday, 27.06.2023.


U.S. Senators: We are stunned, Belgrade and Pristina...

U.S. Senators: We are stunned, Belgrade and Pristina...

We appreciate the diplomatic efforts of the US to de-escalate the crisis, but these efforts were ignored especially by the so-called Kosovo government. Consequently, we are ready to consider changing the support of Congress, as emphasized in the letter to Biden, which Tanjug had access to.

The senators point out that they are shocked by the recent actions taken by the governments of Belgrade and Pristina, by making provocative decisions that threaten to undermine the prospects for improving bilateral relations and normalizing the situation.

This includes the recent arrests of three Kosovo police officers by Serbian authorities on June 14. The refusal of Kosovo Serbs to participate in local municipal elections and the actions of the Kosovo government in violent access to municipal buildings resulted in a dramatic escalation of tensions and violence that threatens the fragile peace in the region, the senators said.

Senators called on Biden to exert diplomatic pressure to end the current crisis and continue progress in implementing the Ohrid Agreement.

We support the proposal of the European Union to Serbia and so-called Kosovo, which includes the withdrawal of the remaining mayors from the municipal buildings in the north of so-called Kosovo, the suspension of police operations near municipal buildings, the calling of new municipal elections with the participation of Kosovo Serbs and a return to the dialogue on the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, including the Association of Municipalities with a Serbian majority in the north, so-called Kosovo", the letter says.

The senators called on the US president to "postpone the sale of military equipment" and to continue security cooperation with Belgrade and Pristina, as well as to submit a report to the Senate confirming that "both governments are exercising restraint to avoid any actions that undermine the security of American forces." who participate in KFOR".

As stated, the recent violence by Serbs against KFOR in the north of Kosovo, as well as the decisions of both the Kosovo and Serbian governments continue to escalate instead of de-escalating tensions.

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