Blackmail coming from Pristina: Lajcak is welcome only if...

Hashim Thaci said that he knows nothing about the schedule of meetings of the EU Special Envoy Miroslav Lajcak, who is coming to Kosovo, as Koha reports

Izvor: Kosovo online

Monday, 15.06.2020.


Blackmail coming from Pristina: Lajcak is welcome only if...
Foto: EPA-EFE Petrit Prenaj

Blackmail coming from Pristina: Lajcak is welcome only if...

Earlier, Thaci questioned Lajcak's role, and after today's meeting with Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, he said that Lajcak would be welcome only if he accepted the reality in Kosovo.

"I have not been informed about the content and agenda of Miroslav Lajcak's visit to Kosovo. He must understand that Kosovo is independent and sovereign. If he comes with that approach, he is welcome. Any other approach is his failure in Kosovo and the European Union," Thaci said.

When asked who will lead the dialogue with Belgrade, he or the Prime Minister, Thaci answered that it is clarified in the Constitution of Kosovo.

Hoti: I'll lead the dialogue

After the meeting with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti said that there was no doubt that he would lead a dialogue with Belgrade, but also that he called on Thaci to cooperate and coordinate, Koha reports.

"These issues are indisputable, the Constitution is clear. The constitutional verdict is also clear. We have separate roles, but it is important that they be coordinated together," Hoti said.

He said that in the conversation with Thaci, he called for coordination and cooperation.

"Today, I presented the framework for dialogue to the president and asked for it to be fully coordinated, because it is not just a process of this government, but belongs to all political parties and citizens of Kosovo. We must create a broad consensus with all political forces on this important process. After 30 years, we've reached a point in time when we need to consolidate Kosovo," Hoti added.

By the way, this is the first time that Hoti has met with the President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci since he was elected Prime Minister.

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