"So they saw a Serbian gun - I see American guns everywhere"

Serbia is selling, not gifting arms, President Aleksandar Vucic said on Tuesday.

Izvor: Tanjug

Wednesday, 25.07.2018.


(Tanjug, file)

"So they saw a Serbian gun - I see American guns everywhere"

Serbia has a state-owned company, Jugoimport SDPR, he recalled, that should be profitable and sell weapons.

"Our job is to earn as much as possible. We broke records last year, and I believe this year we will sell even more arms," Vucic stressed, when journalist asked him to comment on Kosovo Minister Pacolli's statement about Serbia "gifting weapons in exchange for countries withdrawing their recognition of Kosovo."

Vucic stressed that Serbia has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to selling weapons.

"We are not gifting arms. We are selling them, and I brag about it. I will hold special, open meetings for the people and resent the results. We are financing our roads, too, from what we earn that way," he said, and reiterated that "we are selling and we are making money."

The president stressed that he "doesn't know the meaning of the said accusation coming from Kosovo."

"Are they trying to say they don't have weapons, that somebody should protect them, or do they mind that fewer and fewer countries recognize Kosovo, or do they need more support from Sulejman Ugljanin, who came up with 147 countries recognizing Kosovo. Where did he find those 147, when he can't even find 47," Vucic wondered.

He went on to say that he "understood nothing from the accusation," and announced Serbia would be selling even more arms, "wherever that's allowed."

"They say, 'we've see a Serbian gun here and over there' - yet I saw American guns everywhere. They sell wherever they manage to get. We are selling in line with international law and we will continue to make money that way," Vucic said.

The president also announced that during his upcoming visit to China, he would discuss military-technical cooperation with his counterpart Xi Jinping, and also noted that Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin is currently visiting China "in order to make a good introduction to his own visit."

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