Serbia and Azerbaijan "always support each other"

Serbia's president says Serbia and Azerbaijan have no open issues and support each other in terms of preserving territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Izvor: Tanjug

Monday, 21.05.2018.


Serbia and Azerbaijan

Serbia and Azerbaijan "always support each other"

"Mutual support exists and these positions will not change in the future," Vucic said.

"We respect your policy thanks to which you have preserved your country, its unity," Vucic said, addressing Aliyev, and pointed out that this was especially important given that Azerbaijan is "under pressure from various powers" in its region.

"But you have managed to preserve the country and adjust other interests to the interests of Azerbaijan," says Vucic.

Vucic thanked Aliyev for the welcome he received, but also for his engagement so far "and everything he is doing to raise relations between the two countries to as high a level as possible." He added that a session of the Mixed Committee will be held soon, after a long pause.

Vucic also said that he came to Baku along with "half the government" - "because Serbia wants as good relations as possible in as many areas as possible."

"Construction of roads, cooperation in the fields of health, sport, culture... in all these areas we can reach far higher levels," said the president, adding that military-technical and military-educational cooperation is also possible.

He congratulated Aliyev on the fact that Azerbaijan achieved three percent growth in the non-oil sector, and recalled that Serbia has had a surplus in the state budget for the third year in a row, opening up space for cooperation with Azerbaijan and investing in the future.

Vucic noted that he was "probably the first president to visit Baku after Aliyev's convincing victory in the presidential election."

"I am grateful for that honor," Vucic said.

"Serbia has great significance for Azerbaijan, we highly value the policy of Aleksandar Vucic," Ilham Aliyev said on Monday, summarizing the content of his talks with the Serbian head of state.

Aliyev said they concluded that there was room for developing cooperation between the two countries, who have no open issues.

Azerbaijan, he said, attaches great importance to the visit of the president of Serbia and believes that it will give good results. "After this visit, the dynamics of relations will be stronger," Aliyev stressed.

The Joint (Strategic Partnership) Action Plan that the two presidents signed on Monday is, according to Azerbaijan's leader, "a comprehensive, very important document that contains all the significant issues of relations between the two countries."

"In international organizations, we support each other. In terms of territorial integrity, we always support each other and we believe that conflicts must be resolved in accordance with international law and UN Security Council resolutions," Aliyev said in his address to journalists after the meeting with Vucic.

Aliyev added that he highly appreciated Vucic "defending the independent policy of his country."

"Your people support you and we can only look forward to it. For Azerbaijan, Serbia has great importance. Mutual will is important, and it exists," he concluded.

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