Serbia and Germany mull "sustainable employment conference"

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic on Friday received German Ambassador Axel Dittmann to discuss a joint initiative, the Serbian government said.

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Friday, 29.01.2016.


Serbia and Germany mull

Serbia and Germany mull "sustainable employment conference"

Vucic thanked Dittmann on his country's "strong support given to Serbia for economic reforms, and for boosting entrepreneurial spirit," the government said on its website.

He "pointed out that the aforementioned conference is of great importance for new projects and attracting more German investments in Serbia."

Serbia stands firmly on the European track and takes responsible steps in all areas of harmonization with the EU acquis, the prime minister stated.

Dittmann said that Germany "fully supports further development of the economic cooperation with Serbia, which it demonstrated through its government initiatives, the presence of German companies and their interest in doing business in Serbia."

German companies that are already here are satisfied with the business environment, the German ambassador said.

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