Srdjan Djokovic: Novak probably won't play under such blackmails

Srdjan Djokovic, father of the world no. 1, Novak Djokovic, was hosted on the morning program of TV Prva.

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Sunday, 28.11.2021.


Srdjan Djokovic: Novak probably won't play under such blackmails
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Srdjan Djokovic: Novak probably won't play under such blackmails

On that occasion, he touched on the increasingly topical question of whether the first racket of the planet will play at the Australian Open.

Director of the first Grand Slam of the season, Craig Tilly, once again said on Saturday that only players vaccinated against coronavirus will have the right to play in Melbourne.

"As far as vaccines and non-vaccines are concerned, it is the personal right of each of us whether we will be vaccinated or not. No one has the right to enter into our intimacy, it is guaranteed by the constitution. Everyone has the right to decide on their health. Whether he is vaccinated or not, that is his exclusive right. Will he publish it, I don't think so. I don't know that decision either, and if I did, I wouldn't share it with you. He has the right to decide as he wants," said Srdjan Djokovic.

About Novak's decision to play in Australia, he said:

"It was embarrassing because of the announcement of those rulers in the provinces of Australia, who gave themselves the right to name the nine-time champion of Australia. Whether he will appear there depends on them how they will position themselves. He would want it with all his heart because he's an athlete, and we would love that too. Under these blackmails and conditions, he probably won't. I wouldn't do that. And he's my son, so you decide for yourself".

Srdjan Djokovic touched on a slightly deeper story about Australia and vaccination, as well as the words of the director of the Australian Open, Craig Tilly, that players vaccinated only with recognized vaccines will participate.

"What is a recognized vaccine, Mr. Craig? Russian vaccine is not a recognized vaccine? According to our criteria, only Chinese and Russian are recognized. The libertarian world has 90 percent of the world's population. For us, it is Russian and Chinese. Recognize them along with your vaccine. I don't think that's right, because you don't recognize Russian and Chinese."

There is also a theoretical possibility of staying in quarantine.

"Quarantine, right, but one should spent 14 days in a hotel room and not even come out in the hotel lobby. Well, they came up with a great idea, let them play in the tournament then."

"And we invented the world, not just the libertarian world. You have to accept that fact and not accepting this or that vaccine is ridiculous, not to say another word. We will never divide vaccines or peoples wherever anyone comes from. We are part of the world and vaccines are part of the world wherever they come from. They all made vaccines to help this world, but whoever does not accept to be vaccinated, that is his personal right," Srdjan Djokovic underlined.

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