This is how Andreevka fell? "They sent us there armed with shovels"

Russian soldier, who gave an interview to the Western media, described, as he claims, the real situation on the front in the vicinity of Andreevka.

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Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

As reported by the Kyiv Post, he was presented as Denys Ivanov, although it is his fake name, and he said that the Russian forces in that region, which is located in Donetsk, do not even have basic equipment.

In an interview with Radio Liberty, he stated that the death toll was high and that the situation in his unit was terrible.

His family stated that the mobilized Ivanov called them in a panic, saying that the unit he was assigned to had been decimated. He called on September 14 and said that the armed forces of Ukraine were occupying Andreevka and advancing towards Bakhmut, and that the mobilized Russians had been sent into battle practically without weapons.

"He basically told me – we're going to attack them with shovels, we don't even have artillery support," his wife said. In order to further explain the drama of the situation, that soldier told his wife: "We can't even retreat, there are people behind us who won't spare us either."

As the Kyiv Post then states, the position in which this soldier found himself is proof of the existence of "barrier-units" used by the Russian army, and it is also reminiscent of the video that appeared this summer, in which Russian soldiers are seen fleeing while, as a result, they are shot by other Russian soldiers.

Ivanov also told his wife that out of a thousand soldiers from his unit, 400 survived, and that military officials claim that only two or three of them were killed. The journalists of Radio Liberty then established a connection with Ivanov, who confirmed to them the words conveyed by his wife.

"They told us - no weapons, go to battle. But many here don't even know what battle is... In the end, we were sent as cannon fodder. We need coordinates for our artillery and information about the targets we need to hit, but our artillery does not work because it lacks shells," he stated.

"When you report all that to the command, they say, I'm quoting, 'so what'," Ivanov continued.

Ivanov criticized the practice of sending his colleagues to Andreevka without expecting their return, claiming that Russian soldiers were ordered to occupy what was left of the village despite heavy Ukrainian artillery fire.

"The artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is constantly active. They let you enter the village, but they don't let you out. Everyone is aware of that," he explained.


"Order withdrawal"

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