No entry into the city; More than 10,000 people are declared missing

Libyan authorities did not allow civilians to enter the city of Derna today so that search teams could search for the 10,100 people who are missing.

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Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

The death toll in the Libyan city has risen to 11,300 as search operations continue after devastating floods caused by heavy rains and the bursting of two dams.

Derna has been evacuated and only search and rescue teams will be allowed to enter, the Director General of Ambulance and Ambulance Services in Eastern Libya announced last night.

Saturday night's floods swept away entire families and exposed the weaknesses of the oil-rich country, which has been mired in conflict since the 2011 uprising that ousted longtime leader Muammar al-Gaddafi.

City officials fear up to 20,000 people may have died in floods after dams burst in the Libyan city on Sunday night.

In Derna, a city of about 100,000 inhabitants, two dams burst as a result of heavy rains, which caused a flood of water that swept through the city like a tsunami.

Thousands of people who lost their lives in the devastating floods that hit the city of Derna in Libya were buried in mass graves yesterday, with the mayor warning that the death toll could triple.

Minister of Health in the government that controls eastern Libya, Othman Abdul Jalil, announced that 3,000 bodies had been buried in the mass grave while preparations were being made to bury another 2,000.

Mediterranean Storm Daniel also killed around 170 people in other parts of the country, including the cities of Baida, Susa, Um Razaz and Marj.


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