Attempted assassination of Zelensky? VIDEO

Belarusian opposition media NEXTA published a video on its Twitter account, expressing suspicion on the basis of it that there was an attempt to kill Zelensky.

Source: B92

According to a post on that social network, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was visiting the Kherson region, which was hit by a flood wave after the Kakhovka dam was blown up yesterday, June 8.

A video of his visits to that region, from which thousands of people were evacuated, was also published.

According to NEXTA, the first video that was published shows Zelensky standing with local residents next to the flooded streets, from which the evacuation is taking place.

After that, Zelensky headed to the neighboring town of Mykolaiv, which was also affected by the flood wave. But very soon after, Zelensky left a flooded street in the Kherson region, Russian forces shelled that very street, NEXTA said, explaining the content of the second video.


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