The end, at last... But they will never say "People, we lied to you"

Fox News reached a last-minute settlement with Dominion Voting Systems and agreed to pay more than $787 million.

Tanjug/Elizabeth Williams via AP
Tanjug/Elizabeth Williams via AP

This ended the two-year legal battle that undermined the credibility of the right-wing TV network, reported.

The deal was announced Tuesday, and rumors of a settlement circulated in the courtroom when, after a lunch break, proceedings were dramatically halted for nearly three hours without any explanation, CNN reports.

This settlement represents an assumption of responsibility, said Dominion's attorney, Justin Nelson.

"In order for our democracy to survive for another 250 years, and hopefully much longer, we must share our commitment to the facts... Today represents a loud support for truth and democracy," he said.

The Fox News TV network, on the other hand, said that it "recognizes the court's decisions that find certain claims about 'Dominion' to be false", referring to the recent ruling that 20 Fox News broadcasts from the end of 2020 contained patently false claims that "Dominion" had set up presidential elections.

However, Fox News will not have to admit on the air that it spread lies about "Dominion", a representative of "Dominion" told CNN.

The last-minute deal means the closely watched case is over and will not go to trial. In the settlement with Dominion, influential Fox News executives and prominent anchors avoided testifying about their coverage of the 2020 election, which was full of lies about voter fraud.

The witness list included Fox Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch, his son and CEO of Fox Corporation, Lachlan Murdoch, along with Fox News executives.


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