More than 15,000 dead; Girl pulled out after 72 hours; "A concrete block fell on me"

According to the latest data, more than 15,000 people died in the devastating earthquake that hit southern Turkey and Syria on Monday.

Source: B92
Tanjug/AP Photo/Khalil Hamra
Tanjug/AP Photo/Khalil Hamra

The search for survivors continues.

Rescuers were sent from 65 countries. The Syrian government has requested assistance from the European Union for the first time, the European Commission announced.

Aid to Turkey and Syria has been announced from the United Nations and the World Health Organization, and the EU will organize a donor conference to collect funds for the affected areas.

The girl was pulled out of the ruins in Turkey after 72 hours

Two people have been pulled alive from the rubble of an earthquake in two separate towns in southeastern Turkey more than 72 hours after the quake hit their home. The rescue teams pulled the injured woman out of the rubble and she was transported to the hospital by ambulance. At the same time, a little girl was rescued from the ruins in Antakya.

"When the earthquake happened, a concrete slab fell on me. I fell to the floor," the woman said.

The death toll rose to at least 15,383

The death toll from the catastrophic earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria on Monday has risen to at least 15,383, the Turkish and Syrian authorities announced today.

Turkish Emergency Situations Agency announced today that the number of victims in Turkey increased by more than 3,000 in a few hours and now stands at 12,391.

The total death toll in Syria is at least 2,992, including 1,730 in rebel-held areas in the northwest, according to the White Helmets civil defense group, while 1,262 people died in government-held parts of Syria, Syrian state media reported, as referred to by CNN.

The number of injured in Turkey rose to 62,914, the emergency agency said, adding that search and rescue operations were continuing, while the search was being hampered by low temperatures, Reuters reported.


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