All horror in Turkey summed up in these words: "They cry out, but we can't help them"

The search for survivors in Turkey and Syria has been hampered by the cold, as well as constant new earthquakes.

Source: B92, Novosti,
Tanjug/AP Photo/Omar Sanadiki/Ilustracija
Tanjug/AP Photo/Omar Sanadiki/Ilustracija

During the night, the strongest earthquake was felt, with a magnitude of 5.6 on the Richter scale, and this morning Turkey was hit again by two strong earthquakes.

The media report that the situation is also bad in Kahramanmaraş, north of Hatay, while officials say that as many as 1,500 buildings have been destroyed in the city.

Residents of that place, as well as survivors, say that the situation is catastrophic, and that cries for help can be heard from the ruins.


Reuters released a heartbreaking video of a man standing in front of the rubble listening to a buried woman begging him to help her. She bangs on something metal. He is desperate because he cannot help her. He also says the children are under the rubble.

"Listen, they're calling us, they're buried, they're calling us, but no one is coming. They're alive, but we can't get them out. Look, in this collapsed building are my mother and father. I can't reach them. How can we save them. No one has come since morning. They are calling us, listen to them," said Deniz, who is crying because he cannot reach the survivors.

"Our children are here, what can we do? Look at this building, it's half collapsed, we risk it collapsing on us. But what can we do? Well, they're calling us, they are human beings", he is desperate and adds: "Pray for us, pray for us. We have nobody, look around, nobody."

Also, there is a great danger of hypothermia because it is cold.

Another survivor, a resident of Kahramanmaraş, said they barely got out of the rubble. "Our situation is catastrophic, we are hungry and thirsty," he said.

The death toll from the earthquakes has now risen to more than 5,000.

That number is expected to grow.


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