A surprise is in store for Ukraine; Putin and Lukashenko agreed

Moscow is sending thousands of soldiers to the territory of Belarus, and the Belarusian President found an excuse for war on Monday.

Source: Jutarnji list

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko agreed on the formation of new, joint troops on the border with Ukraine, which allays fears of a land invasion of Kyiv, writes the British Telegraph.

At a meeting with his security chief, Lukashenko confirmed that he had gathered troops with Putin "because of the tension on the Belarusian border with Ukraine."

The comments come just hours after Ukrainian cities suffered devastating fire, with the capital Kyiv bombed for the first time since spring. Putin commented that it was retaliation for the Ukrainian attack on the Crimean bridge.

On Monday, Lukashenko did not specify how many Belarusian soldiers he would deploy or where exactly they would be sent, but this statement is the closest thing to speculation about sending troops to Ukraine.

Belarusian President has given instructions to the army to prepare accommodation for several thousand Russian soldiers who will arrive in Belarus in the coming days. These transfers could be a bad sign that Moscow will try to encircle Kyiv again.

We remind you that Belarus also served as a springboard for conflicts between Russia and Ukraine back in February, allowing the Russians to pass through the country and enter northern Ukraine to attack the suburbs of Kyiv.

Ukraine on Monday accused Russia of using kamikaze drones, launched from Belarus, to carry out some of the deadly attacks on Monday morning. Nine drones launched from Belarus and Crimea were destroyed, the army of Ukraine announced.


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