The Kremlin's response to Kadyrov: Nothing emotional, Ramzan

After Ramzan Kadyrov publicly criticized the Russian military leadership for its failure on the battlefield in Ukraine, he received a response from the Kremlin.

Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

The Kremlin advocates a "balanced" rather than an "emotional" approach to nuclear weapons, Vladimir Putin's spokesman said today, commenting on the Chechen leader's comments, who also said that Russia, faced with Ukraine's military failures, should use "low-yield nuclear weapons" or low radioactivity.

"In difficult times, one should turn off emotions... We prefer to give a measured and objective assessment of the situation," Peskov replied to reporters, praising Kadyrov's "heroic contribution" to the armed offensive in Ukraine.

"This is a very emotional moment," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said during a daily briefing with journalists, referring to statements by the ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. "In our country, the use of nuclear weapons happens only on the basis of what is stated in the relevant doctrine", Mr. Peskov said.

Kadyrov said last Saturday that Russia should consider using low-yield nuclear weapons after Moscow's troops were forced out of a key town in eastern Ukraine.

"In my personal opinion, more drastic measures should be taken, up to the declaration of martial law in the border areas and use of low-yield nuclear weapons," Kadyrov said on his Telegram channel.


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