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Western media claim that the Nord Stream gas pipeline was sabotaged on Tuesday and that it is all part of the plan of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Foto: Tanjug/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP, File
Foto: Tanjug/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP, File

According to the Guardian, there is a probability that it will not be established that the underwater explosions are part of Russian sabotage, but the paper believes that this is exactly what we are talking about.

As arguments for this, these newspapers point out that the incidents took place near the territorial waters of Denmark, and "The Guardian" believes that this is an act that ignores the fact that the country is a member of NATO.

The paper admits that it is not clear how the attack could be carried out. The "Guardian" points out that, if a submarine was used for this incident, it would have been discovered since the shallow waters of the Baltic are involved, where depths rarely exceed 100 meters. At no time have the countries investigating the incident indicated that it was a submarine attack.

The Baltic Sea is definitely not a territory where it would make sense to deploy Losharik submarines that can go to great depths. A British military source speculated that the mines may have been discreetly placed from a camouflaged merchant ship and then detonated weeks or days later, the Guardian writes.

Also, the gas pipelines are made to be strong: each fragment of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, as written in the prospectus issued by Gazprom, consists of a steel casing with a thickness of 27 to 41 millimeters, and is wrapped in a concrete coating of 60 to 110 millimeters.

Danish experts said the explosion released energy equivalent to 2.3 on the Richter scale, and compared it to the strength of bombs used in World War II.

The price of gas is rising

Foto: Tanjug/Planet Labs PBC via AP
Foto: Tanjug/Planet Labs PBC via AP

The high gas prices have further increased after this incident, according to the British Telegraph. For example, for the sake of Primera, the price of British gas per megawatt hour has jumped by 33 percent - which naturally causes huge doubts about the safety and other European energy infrastructures.

Western media say that Putin has demonstrated before that he is ready to sacrifice precious gas and use it as a "weapon", and they remind that Russia burned almost 9.5 million euros worth of gas per day in a plant near the border with Finland, instead of exports it to Europe.

Putin's timing and "General Winter"

"The Guardian" states that, if it is revealed that Putin is really behind this sabotage, the question is raised of why exactly doing it at this moment. The European Union is working on the creation of a new package of sanctions against Moscow, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is already trying to thwart it, and he also demanded that the existing sanctions against Russia be lifted.

Although Western media claim that the new Italian government under the leadership of Giorgia Meloni will have the same position as the official Budapest, the future prime minister of Italy has promised full support to Ukraine.

Political experts believe that Putin is trying to break the collective morale of the EU, and it should be noted that European governments will be under pressure this winter from dissatisfied voters who are afraid of low temperatures.

Western media report that Putin's timing is perfect - the new gas pipeline between Norway and Poland was opened on Tuesday, very close to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and experts remind that Poland intends to completely stop using Russian gas by the end of the year.

The so-called "Baltic Pipe" is part of a wider range of strategic moves by which Europe tries to connect with alternative energy suppliers. In this context, Norway has taken on a completely new role and has replaced Russia as the main supplier of natural gas to the EU.

These underwater explosions could be a warning of what Russia could do to gas pipelines from Norway if they feel cornered, according to Western media. Norwegian regulators have called for increased vigilance after warnings from oil and gas companies that unidentified drones are hovering near their facilities.

And as the threat of nuclear war mounts, the Kremlin is signaling that the whole situation could escalate in ways once thought unimaginable. The Russians, as so many times throughout history, are again relying on a reliable ally - "General Winter" - responsible for the defeat of so many of her enemies in the past.


"Great Russia is reborn"

Deputy Head of the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, spoke after the signing of the Decree of Accession to Russia.

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