"The offensive in Ukraine is one of the biggest deceptions since World War II"

Croatian military analyst Ante Kotromanović assesses that Ukrainian actions and their liberation of territory are "both brilliant and exquisite tactical move".

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Tanjug/AP Photo/Kostiantyn Liberov, File
Tanjug/AP Photo/Kostiantyn Liberov, File

"This is one of the biggest military deceptions since the Second World War. They tricked the Russian forces and I can't believe that the Russians fell to this kind of prank," said Kotromanović.

"The Ukrainian offensive in the south was announced for months, it did not have any success, and it was a maneuver. The Ukrainian forces, which the Russians failed to do in six months, managed to enter the area occupied by the Russians," he adds.

When asked if the Ukrainians, as everyone claims, really succeeded in deceiving the Russians in the way that they announced an offensive in the south, and then hit the east of the country with all their might, Kotromanović points out that they masked the movements of thousands of soldiers, played a real game.

"This means that they crossed secretly, unnoticed, at night, in small groups. It is not easy to transfer a hundred tanks to such places. It is not by chance that Zelensky fired high-ranking officials due to suspicion of leaking information. They kept the operation secret. Russia concentrated on the south, brought the corps with a new technique, and then this caught them as a surprise," he continues. He says that this will raise the morale of Ukrainians, and it sends a message to the West as well.

"This was a blow to the liver and it will fall hard on the Russians, they lost a large part of the territory and the question is how the Russians will react now. What will Putin do? If he wants to prevail in that area, they have not conquered more than one kilometer in one day so far, they will have to engage larger forces, the Ukrainians are doing very well, they are training, they got help from the West, they are rotating, and the Russians are not doing that. They lost thousands, but they (Ukrainians) are making up for it," the Croatian military analyst concludes.


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