Putin's purge, "Butcher" among the sacked generals

Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly fired six generals due to the poor results of combat operations in Ukraine, according to world media.

Source: Daily Mail

According to reports, this decision was made at the moment when Lieutenant Colonel Nikolay Gorban (36), who led elite Spetsnaz special forces troops, was allegedly killed in Ukraine.

"Daily Mail", which refers to the knowledge of the British intelligence services, Lieutenant-General Aleksandr Chaiko and Lieutenant-General Alexander Zhuravlev are among the people who will lose their positions, and the reason for the change is the heavy losses and lack of progress of the forces in Ukraine.

Zhuravlev was allegedly replaced by Lieutenant General Vladimir Kochetkov, and according to "Daily Mail", General Aleksandar Vladimirovich Dvonirkov, whom the Western media refer to as the "Butcher from Syria", was also dismissed. He has reportedly been replaced, as he was appointed commander of the entire operation in Ukraine in April, according to the British Ministry of Defense.

General Gennady Valeryevich Zhidko, who was the commander of the forces in the south, was also dismissed, and General Sergey Surovikin was appointed as his replacement.

'The poor performance of Russia's armed forces during its invasion of Ukraine has been costly for Russia's military leadership, highly likely resulting in the dismissal of at least six Russia commanders since the start of hostilities. These dismissals are compounded by at least 10 Russian generals killed on the battlefield in Ukraine. The cumulative effect on consistency of command is likely contributing to Russian tactical and operational difficulties", a source from the Ministry of Defense stated, as quoted by "Daily Mail".


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