"We have an agreement, it is up to Ukraine to decide what to do"

Macron revealed the West's intentions regarding Ukraine's weapons.

Source: Tanjug
Tanjug/ AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko
Tanjug/ AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko

French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday in Kyiv that Western countries have an agreement not to give Ukraine certain categories of weapons, including attack planes and tanks, in order to avoid involvement in the war with Russia.

"You are talking about an informal agreement, but that is almost the official position of NATO partners. We are helping Ukraine to defend itself, but we are not entering the war against Russia. That is why it was agreed not to deliver certain weapons, such as attack planes or tanks. President Zelenski is familiar with this agreement ", Macron told Ukrainian journalists, Ukrinform reports...

According to Macron, France is helping Ukraine mainly with ammunition and certain categories of weapons, armored vehicles, and it has also provided 12 "Caesar" howitzers.

"But President Zelenski asked for more, and in the near future, six more will be added to these 12," the French leader said.

"Ukraine to decide for itself"

Ukraine should decide for itself whether to accept any territorial concessions to Russia in order to end the war, French President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with TF1 television during his visit to Kyiv.

"This is up to Ukraine to decide," Macron said on Thursday, answering the question of which concessions, including on its territory, Ukraine should accept, Reuters reports. He is of the opinion that it is their duty to adhere to the values ​​of international law. Macron said that France and Germany would not hold talks on a truce in Ukraine with Russia instead of Kyiv.

"Neither will they offer any concessions on behalf of the country or discuss them," Macron said at a press conference in Kyiv, TASS reported. "It is up to Ukraine and its leadership to decide when and under what conditions they will continue talks with Moscow", Macron said.

"When the time comes for us to gather at the negotiating table, Europe will discuss security guarantees stemming from international agreements, which the Ukrainian president will implement on behalf of his nation," Macron said, adding that this would dominate future talks with Russia.

"Now it is a question of security on the entire European continent," Macron said. He also said that France, as well as Italy, Romania and Germany, whose leaders are also visiting Kyiv today, will continue to support Ukraine for as long as necessary.

"Europe has not tried to provoke a global conflict, so it has limited itself to economic sanctions and political support for Kyiv," Macron said.

About the conversation with Putin

French President Emmanuel Macron stated that he does not rule out a visit to Russia, but that conditions must be created for that.

"In order to go to Russia, preconditions must be created, but I do not rule out anything," Macron said in an interview with TF1 television, answering the question whether he plans to visit Moscow, RIA Novosti reports.

The French leader said on Thursday that he still does not plan a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, adding that he does not rule out such a possibility in the future.


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