German general: "Ukraine will be divided"

There is no scenario according to which NATO would send its forces to Ukraine, the general of the German army told reporters.

Source: B92

In an interview with Die Welt, General Eberhard Zorn answered negatively to the question of whether NATO could intervene in Ukraine if Russia used weapons of mass destruction against that Eastern European country.

He emphasized that "what the German Federal Chancellor and U.S. President Joe Biden said" is still valid, i.e. that "under no circumstances will we deploy our forces on Ukrainian territory."

The German general further stated that the planning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine was wrong, because the commanders made some big logistical mistakes.

Zorn also predicted that the conflict in Ukraine would increasingly turn into guerrilla-style fighting. However, such a development would mean even more civilian casualties, he added, RT reports in Russian.

Asked whether Ukraine has a chance against Russia, Zorn refused to speculate on the outcome of the conflict.

One thing that is likely to happen, according to the German general, is the division of Ukraine into several states, which will lead to a stalemate.


Speaking about the German Armed Forces, Zorn pointed out that Chancellor Olaf Scholz set aside 100 billion euros for the modernization of the Bundeswehr.

He also pointed to the need for an air defense system that could effectively protect the country from Russian Iskander missiles stationed in the Kaliningrad region.

However, the development of such a system in Germany would take too much time and resources, the general admitted, saying that he supports the purchase of ready-made systems from the United States or Israel.

Zorn said that "at this moment, we do not see any signs of an imminent Russian attack on NATO member countries", so the military alliance still has time to "expand" its capacities and "strengthen the eastern flank".

The general revealed that NATO could "deploy the necessary combat groups in all countries from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea by the end of May."

Germany also expects to provide NATO with a fully modernized division in 2025, made up of 15.000 members "trained, equipped and therefore ready for action", Zorn concluded.


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