Putin signed; Ukraine confirmed; Russian general killed

Erdogan: "Russia and Ukraine agree on four points"; He has a message for Putin.

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Tanjug/AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd
Tanjug/AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd

The UN Security Council did not adopt a Russian resolution calling for a ceasefire in Ukraine to evacuate civilians. Russia and China voted in favor of the document.

"Ukrainians have shown that they have a backbone. Look how brave they are... Women, young men, come out in front of damn tanks and say 'I'm not leaving, I'm staying here.' They are amazing," Biden told US troops.

He added that "the world is currently watching the struggle between democracy and the oligarchs".

"What you are involved in is much more than whether or not you can help the Ukrainian people. This is a new phase. Your generation is at a turning point," he said.

“We are the organizing principle for the rest of the world", Biden said.

Ukrainians killed another Russian general

Yakov Ryezantsev was killed in Chornobaivka, a site of intense fighting just north of Kherson, according to Oleksiy Arestovych, advisor to the head of Ukraine's presidential office.

Erdogan: "Russia and Ukraine agree on 4 points"; He has a message for Putin


Erdogan believes a compromise between Kyiv and Moscow is still possible, including Ukraine's withdrawal from NATO membership.

Russian President Vladimir Putin should be encouraged to "honorably leave" Ukraine and end the conflict, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.

"We must tell Putin: you should now be the one to take a step towards peace. We should try to resolve this conflict by encouraging an honorable exit," Erdogan said, returning from the NATO summit in Brussels.

Erdogan said he would hold talks with Ukrainian Presidents Volodymyr Zelensky and Putin to assess the details of the NATO summit.

Ankara sees itself as a mediator in the conflict and has close relations with Ukraine and Russia. Erdogan believes a compromise between Kyiv and Moscow is still possible, including Ukraine's withdrawal from membership in the North Atlantic Alliance and partial disarmament. The two sides, however, remain at loggerheads over territorial issues. Erdogan reiterated that Turkey "cannot do anything" regarding Western sanctions due to its energy dependence on Russia.

"I cannot leave my citizens in the lurch... I cannot stop the industry. We must preserve those interests," Erdogan said.

Russia is Turkey's main supplier of gas. The Russians make up almost the largest number of foreign tourists in Turkey, and the two countries are building the first nuclear power plant together.

Four points of the agreement

Erdogan said Ukraine and Russia are close to reaching a four-point consensus.

These are supposed to be the points: - Ukraine's rejection of the course towards joining NATO, - Granting official status to the Russian language, - Demilitarization, in terms of refusing to use offensive weapons,

- Problems of collective security.

Richard Grenell: The Biden family is involved in corruption in Ukraine and China

"You told us Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation 3 weeks before the election.

The laptop proves Biden family corruption in Ukraine and China.

Your advocacy for Democrats means we ignore your propaganda", Grenell wrote on Twitter.


Mariupol to be annexed to Donetsk

Head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin, ordered the formation of the Mariupol administration.

World Thursday, March 31, 2022 15:05 Comments: 0

Three scenarios released

The World Health Organization (WHO) released an updated plan on COVID-19, laying out three possible scenarios for how the pandemic will evolve this year.

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New statement of the World Health Organization

The number of new coronavirus cases in the world is 14 percent lower than in the previous week, while the number of deaths increased by 43 percent.

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