Ukraine reported: We have been attacked

Ukraine reports massive cyber attack on government websites, AFP reports.

Source: B92

The news was confirmed by the Minister of Education, who wrote on Facebook that the website of the ministry was down due to a global cyber attack.

The pages of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were destroyed. The website of the state emergency service was also hacked.

Some of the pages are inaccessible, and a text in Russian, Polish and Ukrainian appeared on the pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "Ukrainians! All information about you will become public. Fear and expect the worst," reads the message above which the Ukrainian flag is crossed.

Let us remind you, the tensions between Ukraine and Russia are at their peak, which is why the whole world is on high alert. Russia has been warned on several occasions that it will suffer serious consequences if it attacks any territory of Ukraine, while official Moscow rejects any accusations against it, arguing that NATO has long violated all agreements by expanding to Russia's borders.

On the other hand, it is realistic to expect official Moscow to accuse itself of this hacker attack, first because of the tension with Kiev, but also because of the "history" of accusations against Russia of carrying out hacker attacks. It should be reminded that a long-term investigation was conducted in the United States about Russia's interference in the presidential elections in which Donald Trump won.

This morning, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Nikolenko, confirmed that everything was going in that direction. He told Ukrainian media that it was too early to draw conclusions, but that "a long list of Russian attacks on Ukraine has been recorded in the past."


"People prepared to go to the front line"

Moscow calls on Washington and its European allies to abandon the policy of raising tensions over Ukraine and take a constructive stance.

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