As of Thursday at 4 a.m. - people who do not wear a mask will be fined 235 euros

People who refuse to wear masks on public transport or in stores in the UK will be fined £ 200 (around € 235) for the first offense.

Source: Tanjug
Ulica u Londonu/Tanjug/AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali
Ulica u Londonu/Tanjug/AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali

Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned the mandatory wearing of the mask in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus strain, labeled omicron.

The new rules will begin with penalties when the law is passed in parliament today, and will take effect on Tuesday at four in the morning.

Anyone who forgets or rejects the mask will pay £ 200 for the first time, and each subsequent offense is charged double. This means that the second time if a person does not have a mask, he pays 400 pounds, the third time 800, and the fine can reach a maximum of 6.400 pounds. The rules do not apply to catering, specifically restaurants and pubs, concerts and various events, nor can parliament force a member of parliament to wear a mask in the assembly.


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