They created a monster; "Frankenstein" now turns against them

Emmanuel Macron has not yet confirmed that he will run in the French presidential elections in April 2022

Source: Jutarnji list

However, no one doubts that. He is a constant that everyone counts on.

And that is why a significant part of the public's interest is focused on the variables, other candidates who will fight for a place in the Élysée Palace. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, announced that she was going to compete on the list of the Socialist Party, as well as Marine Le Pen, still the leader of the right-wing party Rassemblement national (RN).

A new face on the political scene, Éric Zemmour, who has also not yet announced his candidacy, could play a crucial role in the elections. But that can be taken with a great deal of certainty after he appeared at the "global" summit of conservatives in Budapest on September 23, which is officially called the "Forum on demography and family values".

"I think Victor Orban understood the evolution of the world... and defended the identity of his country, and then Europe," Zemmour told CNews, a channel that critics call the French Fox News which spreads the messages of the classical radical right ideology. Eric Zemmour is well known in France. A journalist who wrote for Le Figaro hosted television shows, but only the rumors about a possible presidential candidacy turned him into a person of interest to Europe.

He also received the the 2011 Prix Richelieu journalist award, which is given for "confirmed quality of one's own language, care for the defense of the French language". It is awarded under the auspices of the Defense De La Langue Francaise and the famous Editions Larousse.

Many were then astonished by his radical right-wing views, which (too) often turned into anti-Semitism all the way to racism and chauvinism (after all, the latter is a French fabrication).rZemmour concluded that the media are flooded with leftists and that someone has to speak out as things really stand. Among his demands was that children must have French names (not Muhammad or Kevin), so you can connect Zemomur with the views of all European radical right-wingers. With the difference that he is more educated than most.


Polls also love him. The last one, published by Harris Interactive on October 13, puts Macron in first place with support in the first round of 24-27%, followed by Zemmour with 17-18%. Third is Marine le Pen with 15-16%. In the second round, Macron would take a clear victory against Zemmour (57: 43%) and Marine Le Pen (54: 46%).

This is another interesting conclusion of the survey: slightly more than 60% of respondents believe that the media give too much space to Zemmour, and 27% have no opinion on it.

France shocked Europe in 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen, the father of Marine Le Pen, entered the second round of the presidential elections and suffered a catastrophic defeat.

The complex country, which is both Mediterranean and belongs to the northern, Romanesque culture, loves new faces. And Macron was one of them. But Zemmour is not.

Young President Macron did not meet their expectations, but neither did Nicolas Sarkozy or Francois Hollande. However, when in the second round he finds himself in front of a ballot paper on which he is a right-winger or a representative of a moderate political structure, the majority still decides for stability.

Zemmour's appearance in the campaign could seriously disrupt the plans of Le Pen, who hoped to enter the second round safely. Jean-François Kahn, a French journalist and essayist, also blames the conservative media, which created the monster for Le Pen, by comparing Zemmour with Frankenstein, which is now turning against them.

"We are witnessing how the talented and energetic assassin of the radical right is deliberately killing the liberal right," he concludes.


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