They haven't succeeded either - it gets out of control

The largest number of daily cases of coronavirus infection since the outbreak of the pandemic has been confirmed in New Zealand today.

Source: Tanjug

Delta strain of the coronavirus is spreading in the largest city, Auckland.

This South Pacific state reported 94 newly infected people today, 87 of whom are from Auckland.

A Reuters report states that since the outbreak of the pandemic, a total of 2.099 cases of infection have been confirmed, 28 deaths among COVID patients and 38 hospitalized.

Once an example of a country successfully fighting the coronavirus epidemic, New Zealand is now struggling to stop the spread of the Delta strain, primarily in Auckland, but also in neighboring regions despite strict measures, quarantine and border closures.

Around 1.7 million Auckland citizens are still under rigorous restrictions, but that has not stopped the growing number of newly infected.

Yesterday, the lockdown in Oakland was extended for another two weeks, and the authorities blamed all those who violate restrictive measures and unvaccinated citizens for the increase in the number of new patients.


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