"Mr. Anti-Vax" dies of COVID-19

A conservative radio host from Florida, a fierce opponent of coronavirus vaccination, has died from the effects of COVID-19.

Source: index.hr

Marc Bernier died after a three-week battle with the disease, his radio station reported. He was 65, the Croatian portal Index.hr reported. "It's with great sadness that WNDB and Southern Stone Communications announce the passing of Marc Bernier, who informed and entertained WNDB radio listeners for over 30 years," the Dayton Beach station reported.

Bernier, who called himself "Mr. Anti-Vax", became infected three weeks ago, and he is also known for saying that the U.S. government "behaves like a Nazi" when it forces people to get vaccinated.

Eight days before him, Phil Valentine, a 61-year-old radio host from Tennessee who used to mock coronavirus vaccines, died, but he changed his mind after contracting the infection. He fought COVID for a month.

Dick Farrel, a former Newsmax host and an avid anti-vaxxer, also changed his mind too late. The radio host from South Florida died on August 6, also at the age of 65, after he told the listeners not to get vaccinated, calling the pandemic a "scamdemic".


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