Biden declares disaster PHOTO / VIDEO

U.S. President declared a catastrophe in Louisiana and ordered that federal aid be sent to the areas affected by Hurricane Ida.

Source: B92,
Tanjug/AP Photo/Eric Gay
Tanjug/AP Photo/Eric Gay

U.S. media report that at least one person was killed, as well as that numerous parts of Louisiana were left without electricity. Many seek help and rescue because their houses are surrounded by water. There is a danger of flooding.

Hurricane Ida, which reached the Louisiana coast on Sunday as a Category 4 hurricane, with winds of about 240 kilometers per hour, cloudbursts and high waves that flooded much of the coast, meanwhile weakened to Category 1 on the Sapphire-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, as reported by

Dramatic scenes have been set up on social networks - the roof of the hospital carried away by the wind, the cries of people who say that there is water all around them, that there is no electricity, and that the surrounding houses are on fire.

"We can't reach residents who need help," the mayor of a small town, Jean Lafitte, told CNN.

"The city is totally destroyed, we have a lot of people who can't go anywhere, and we can't reach them either. The wind is too strong and we can't send lifeboats because it's too dangerous, and the lives of rescuers would be in danger. We tried trucks, but neither can they", officials from the rescue teams warn.

So far, according to some information, about 1.500 people have been evacuated, but several hundred remain trapped.

There are currently just over a million people without electricity in Louisiana, while there are about 50.000 in neighboring Mississippi.


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