Tower demolished; Gaza commander killed; A synagogue burning;

Palestinian forces fired hundreds of rockets at Israel, which carried out strong air attacks on the Gaza Strip. The dead are counted on both sides.

Source: B92, Tanjug
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

Clashes continue today, with at least 35 killed in Gaza and five in Israel.

Palestinian forces have confirmed that they fired hundreds of missiles at Tel Aviv after an Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli army said it was targeting militants in Gaza in response to rocket attacks on Jerusalem and other areas, Reuters reports.

Al-Shorouk Tower building in central Gaza collapsed after series of Israeli missiles.

The Hamas militant group confirmed that its commander of the city of Gaza Bassem Issa was killed in today's Israeli air attack.

Gaza City commander Bassem Issa is the highest-ranking military figure in Hamas to be killed by Israel since the war in Gaza in 2014, the AP reported.

A statement from the armed wing of Hamas stated that Issa was killed together with several of his brothers, leaders and holy fighters, during the fighting that lasted for two days in Gaza.


This means war on the sky

Austrian Airline canceled flight from Vienna to Moscow as it didn't get Russian permission for an alternative route in order to avoid the airspace of Belarus.

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