You have made a number of serious mistakes - Here is the proof!

Norwegian Secretary-General accused the EU of making serious mistakes.

Source: B92

According to Bjorn Inge Larsen, the decision of the bureaucrats in Brussels to keep the borders open during the Covid 19 pandemic was wrong, and he provided several pieces of evidence for that.

The official of the Norwegian Ministry of Health directly accused the European Agency for Disease Control (ECDC) of making a number of serious mistakes during the pandemic.

He reminded of the situation from the beginning of 2020, when the pandemic was just heating up, and when many EU countries decided to close their borders or introduce very restrictive measures for entering the countries of the Union.

However, the ECDC stepped up, stating that such a decision could only worsen the situation with the pandemic and practically buried it.

"I can praise the European Disease Control Agency for many other things, but they also made a number of wrong decisions during this pandemic. They were persistent in saying that there should be no restrictions on entering European countries, while we believe that this decision was one of the few good decisions we've had," Larsen stated to the Norwegian national TV network.

This led to the fact that the EU countries, including Norway, had to give up lockdown or rigorous controls at their borders, which, in Larsen's opinion, was completely wrong.

"The three countries that have really focused on closing their borders Iceland, Finland and Norway, are the only European countries that have managed to keep the pandemic under control," Larsen said.

He reminded that Norway defended briefly its position that the borders should remain closed and that was the case for a while, however, the country had to give in to the pressure coming from Brussels and the borders were reopened in the summer of 2020. The epilogue was a huge increase in the number of newly infected begin fall, and all those cases were imported.

After a barrage of criticism, ECDC responded, "We're sorry ... there wasn't enough evidence back then to support border closures. But now we're more careful and recommending countries test passengers entering their countries and that there should be some kind of quarantine for them as well. "

Larsen provided another piece of evidence. Norway, which controlled its country's borders, has 110,000 cases of coronavirus, while Sweden, which has had almost no measures for a long time, has over one million cases and over 14,000 deceased. That number in Norway is just above 730.


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