The latest diabetes therapy soon on the positive list

According to official data one-third of those who died of coronavirus had diabetes as their primary disease.

Source: B92
Foto: Profimedia
Foto: Profimedia

This data was obtained from the United States, Italy, China, and the United Kingdom,

Therefore, many were pleased with the news that the authorities will soon put the latest diabetes therapy on the positive list of RFHI medicines.

Prof. Dr. Edita Stokic said that patients suffering from diabetes are more likely to get infected by coronavirus and quickly develop the clinical picture, and when we take into account the fact that we have 750,000 patients with diabetes and half of those who have not identified the disease, we can see how much of a problem this is.

According to her, in addition to the type two diabetes, obesity has also been recognized as a risk factor for coronavirus.

"Recent research has shown that diabetes is important as a risk factor for Covid 19, but not in itself, but the state of glycol regulation, i.e., how the presence of sugar in the blood is regulated," added Dr. Stokic.

She reminded that diabetes could leads to cardiovascular diseases, and the fact that 40% of such patients required hemodialysis indicates how important it is to achieve good glycol regulation in these patients.

"We are now insisting and the RFHI has considered the possibility of including the group of medications named LGL T2 and LZLT2 inhibitors on the positive list. These medications act independently of pancreatic secretion, stimulate urinary sugar secretion, which leads to lower blood sugar." stated the professor and added that modern science insists not only on good glycol regulation but also on all other risk factors.

In her opinion, the second group of drugs - inhibitors lower blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, improve fat parameters, and reduce body weight.

"This group of drugs represents a revolution in the treatment of diabetes," said Dr. Stokic, emphasizing that the introduction of these medications on a positive list will make it easier for both patients and doctors to fight the disease.


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